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Kneeldowns cost Kyler Murray a 100-yard rushing game

Kyler Murray was the top rusher in the NFL yesterday. Until he wasn’t. Murray reached 100 rushing yards in the fourth quarter of the Cardinals’ win over the 49ers on

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Doctors develop system that can predict bipolar disorder 4 years before onset

An international team of doctors have developed a machine learning system which can predict the development of Bipolar Disorder up to 4 years before onset in young people: At age

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Apple expected to unveil updates to Watches, iPads

Apple Inc AAPL.O will broadcast an event from its Cupertino, California campus on Tuesday where analysts expect it to show updated Apple Watches, iPads and other devices while reserving an

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Yubico’s new USB-C security key with NFC could be the one key to unlock them all

Yubico is announcing a new version of its USB-C equipped YubiKey 5 security key with NFC built in, which should theoretically be a convenient combo and compatible with many future

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Woman Wanders Airports Giving Away Homemade Cards Of Kindness And They Really Brighten People’s Days–WATCH

While traveling for work, a local woman has been giving homemade cards to strangers who might need a pick-me-up at the Houston airport. “I just want somebody’s day to be

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